The History of Hotels

Traveling always existed even way back in time like the biblical times. In those days, traveling was done due to health reasons, immigration and religion reasons.

In the past, hotels were just normal houses offered for guests to stay in. Some were in the form of inns. These were situated near ports for sailors to spend their night during their short breaks in the country. Usually the room just consisted of a bed that was big enough for two people.

The first American inn existed way back in 1607. The first advertised hotel was advertised in 1792 and was called the 'City Hotel' and was situated in New York. The next popular hotel which was build afterwards was located in Boston. It was called 'Tremont Hotel and was considered modern for those days.

Eventually, from then on, more hotels were built and this gave birth to the hospitality industry which also led to the classification with the star system. The star system was assessed by: the price, the hotel's standard of service, and the hotel's facilities offered.

Oldest hotel of world

There are various types of hotels, ranging from business hotels, budget hotels and luxurious hotels.

The Budget type is targeted more towards providing a holiday accommodation with the basic necessities that include a bed and a shower. These types of hotels are targeted towards travelers who seek to minimize their expenses. These fall in the range of one to three stars.

These types of accommodations are targeted towards business travelers and the its rooms include the basic necessities like bed and bathroom, internet connection, ironing boards, coffee machines, hairdryers and daily delivery of the newspaper to the hotel's respective rooms.

A luxurious hotel will have more than just basic necessities and will be the most expensive but the most comfortable! A luxury hotel will have ballrooms, pools, and indulging relaxation facilities like spas. The hotels' rooms would be full of comforts, beautiful rooms with comfortable beds, bigger bathrooms and separate sitting area. As outlined earlier, these types of hotels are more expensive and the more central the area, the more expensive the hotel is. The more luxurious it is, the higher the star rating it has.

Nowadays people find various types of hotels that depend on the country's lifestyle and standard of living. The hotel industry gave a great impact to the economic sector due to its revenue creation that helps to improve the countries' wellbeing.

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 Among the variety of hotels from classic hotel companies with their common design and similar set of services the only hotels that are trying to attract customers in unusual ways has always remained the islands of dissent and perky enterprise. On the site these hotels are presented in a special rubric "Unusual hotels", which tells about unique hotels located in prisons, monasteries, in the lighthouses and under the water.

However, it seems, there are still a lot of crazy ideas, which can be realized in the hotel industry. In this article we publish descriptions of a several hotels, which for some reasons can not be described as conventional hotels.

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